I am a husband and father first, business owner second. I have had a dream since I was 14 to do something I love day in day out. But there was a catch. It needed to make a permanent, positive difference for people. I had to check three boxes for me to dive in.

  1. It had to support my family
  2. I needed to enjoy the process
  3. It needed to make a direct difference for people
I led my family through different routes trying to accomplish this goal. I was finding myself at dead ends, failures, or that the process wasn't sustainable. These challenges and changes have directed me to Red Beards Coffee Company. Though a very competitive market, it is a big one. I'm claiming a piece of the 450Billion dollar global industry for Red Beards Coffee Company, community, and family that we are creating together. There is strength in numbers, and we need more businesses doing the right thing for the right reasons. So why not leverage this massive global industry to create change that's often talked about but rarely acted upon? Create change, love the process, drink quality coffee. I mean, who doesn't love a great cup of coffee? But that's not it. With an intimate community, you aren't just a blank order or client. But a contributor of change. You're someone who has an impact on individuals you're able to follow. You get fantastic coffee while leaving the world better off than you found it.
Be part of the change the world needs. Be part of Red Beards Family.
Check out Red Beards Relief page for more info.