Red Beards Relief Program

We are willing to put 1-100% of our net profit on the line... for you...

Welcome to the Red Beards Family! If you haven't already, I encourage you to read our "About" page as it tells you who we are, but more importantly, our "why." I'm going to refer to the Red Beard Relief as "RBR." RBR Program, designed to create personal engagement with you. We're creating this community, optimized to give back as much as possible while increasing the growth of our company. The more we make, the more we can give. It's pretty simple.

Our goal is to select an individual or family each month we do business and donate 5% of ALL coffee profits for an entire month. That could be a life-changing amount for quite a few families every single month.

Aside from our standard 5% that we give away each month, we sponsor groups, events, organizations, and any fundraisers that can generate more sales for a said event than a standard weekend or day, with a target in mind. We are fully prepared to give out 1-100% of our net profits to whatever we are sponsoring.

Given the fact that we are a business, we have virtually no limit to our growth. If it aligns with our projected path and makes sense financially, we would be proud to be on board.

We all have been in a rough spot or know someone who got a raw deal and needs help. We are that help. PLEASE send us a brief description of said person's struggle and we will review and pick a NEW RECIPIENT EVERY SINGLE MONTH! 

We will not discriminate by race, age, or gender but reserve the right to accept or deny any person, group, or organization that does not align with our business's goals and values. 


  • Will said person be able to put food on their table?
  • Will said person be homeless?
  • Will said person be able to work?
  • Will said person be differently-abled than they are used to
  • Did said person have a life tragedy (accident, natural disaster, medical bills, fire, or just an unforeseen struggle, etc.)

The list above does not inherently qualify or disqualify you but will give you an idea of how we are looking to donate 5%. Send us an email with your inquiries.


(The base 5% is just a catch-all. We will work with you and your specific needs so that could mean more than 5% for the whole month. However, it will never be less than 5%)

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